About me

With a passion for the future, a bachelors in Artificial Intelligence with a minor in Psychology, and a creative and determined mindset, my goal is to create websites and apps that make us even more location-independent than we already are. On the site, I write about my experiences and my view on life and the world around us.

I grew up in a medium-sized village in the north the Netherlands, went to school and high-school, and then took a bachelors in Artificial Intelligence with a minor in Psychology in Groningen, the best student city of the Netherlands. I started traveling and went to Nepal in September 2016. Since then I've been thinking about how I could make the world a better place. In Januari 2017, I came up with Travel Life: a not-for-profit tech startup aiming to create a website and apps that help young travelers to adopt location-independent and self-empowering lifestyles. Have a look the website.

My vision

In all projects I participate in, I am applying these basic concepts over and over to make sure I'm doing the right thing.

  • Symbiosis - I believe in collaboration and the goodness of people.
  • Cost reduction - Using recources to the fullest, efficiency will make products and services cheaper
  • Labor reduction - Automation and behavior-influences will reduce the amount of labor needed
  • Self-sufficiency - Being able to fulfill your basic needs means not having to pay others to get these. Among other things, I love solar power!
  • Fundamental thinking - I think from first principles instead of from analogy.
  • Location-independent - I am a digital nomad that operates location-independent and travel to grow my network globally.

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