About me

With a passion for the future, a bachelors in Artificial Intelligence with a minor in Psychology, and a creative and determined mindset, my goal is to create technology to enhance our freedom and wisdom.

More concretely speaking, I work with startups to build MVP's quickly using the following full-stack technologies: React-Native, REST or GraphQL, Node JS, Expo.io, MySQL and Linux.

Projects I'm currently working / have worked on:
Communify | OV-Fiets | Eat Code Kite Repeat | Bencompare | MYPO | Dunbar

Besides these projects, I am also working on one other big project that I can't list here right now, and some open source libraries, which can be found on My GitHub

Do you need a data-driven cross-platform mobile app built from scratch, or do you need a cost estimation? hire me

Need more info? My CV

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