I always have so many ideas in my mind, but I feel so powerless. Every day I let my mind go: I think of possible applications of new technologies in my head. In the last year, I learned a lot about how to make such ideas reality, and it's not easy. The last few months, my ideas were more and more software oriented. I still believe there is a lot to improve in the app world. So I started simple: I created a WordPress: It became a full-fletched social network, using almost a hundred plugins. Unfortunately this wasn't good enough for being a successful product. Why? Because it was so damn slow... And I couldn't really improve it.

> Have a look at my first failure. This was when I was still exited, when I still thought I could improve the bad aspects of the WP website.

I have lots of ideas for apps and you can't make apps in WordPress. So I decided to learn something new. If I really want to create all my software related ideas, I either need a lot of money, or I have to do it myself.

I'm going to learn Javascript

Javascript is the perfect tool. Really. It's perfect. It can do anything. Back-end, front-end. Server-side, client-side.

I love JS. I love it's possibilities. My biggest goal for 2017 now, is to become a Javascript pro.

I'm going to use MongoDB, NodeJS and React Native in order to create the biggest apps.

How? By using these principles. I will apply everything I've learned directly on what I need to build. Simple!