Justified Dopamine

Dopamine gets you high. It makes you satisfied and confident. There are a few drugs that trigger it: alcohol, cocaine, morphine.... but what triggers it more? »


It's Sunday, november 19th and I'm sitting at the table in the living room of my Eat Code Kite Repeat house, feeling a little bit sick: »

Be conscious!

I just found this image. There are more nice graphical descriptions of consciousness but this one resonates with me a lot! I'm planning to reach level »


You might not have identified them yet, but it’s true: shit elephants are everywhere.You can find them on Facebook, on TV, and in the »

Travel Life

Wouldn’t it be awesome to live like this forever? That’s what more backpackers definitely will have thought before. Only to notice later that it’ »

Langtang Nepal

After 2 weeks Kathmandu it started itching again.. The mountains. The nature, The view and the calmness. That’s why, and also because it wasn’t »