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Capitalism drives cyborgs to the top, if we like it or not

  • We become more and more dependent on machines.

  • You could say that current technology is already an extension of ourselves as we are using it in everyday life.

  • In a few decades, if we allow it, there will be cyborgs (e.g. Elon Musks Neuralink). I pledge for making it illegal. It's too powerful.

  • But let's say capitalism decides and rich companies will drive politics to allow for it, at least in some countries.

  • These 'cyborgs' will be better than humans in business. They will be smarter and make better decisions business-wise. And that's scary.

  • Because they are better, they will rule the world, sooner or later.

  • In a good scenario, the cyborgs will see themselves as a tool to bring back nature and a healthy sustainable planet. Because of their possibility to solve problems, know more, communicate better and think faster, they may be able to figure out a solution.

  • In a bad scenario, the cyborgs will see themselves as the new breed of homo. Homo robotia or something. They will think they are the future, and slowly, they will loose interest in nature and become more and more machine as they see the human part of them becoming obsolete. In this scenario, the world will be taken over by machines.

  • Conclusion: Interesting and scary times are coming.

  • Please don't loose interest in nature. We are nature. We are reliant and dependent on it. We always will be.

  • I don't accept that we just go with the flow and that robots are our successor in evolution. I see technology as a tool to bring about a sustainable planet full of nature. Not robots.

  • If the majority of society thinks this way, humans may be strong enough to keep capitalism from giving power and rise to cyborgs and robots.

  • I pledge for not giving anybody that looses connection with nature control over anything. Thay may give advice, but if we loose track of what's important (nature) we may as well commit suicide... Mammals can't survive on a toxic planet, and we are mammals too.

Nature = life

Capitalism drives cyborgs to the top, if we like it or not
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