What's the Quality of your Relationships? Raise the bar: Dunbar. Personal CRM for VIPs!


I got this Aha-eureka moment when I started thinking about relationships, at about 22:30 on a lonely friday night. How do I maintain my relationships? Well, it's hard. All current platforms don't really help you with it. If they do anything, they make it harder. You see, on Facebook and other social media I have ±600 friends. This is not a maintainable amount of relationships. When I go to these platforms, I don't connect with my close friends, I just sparsify my attention to many loose connections, and this only makes maintaining the closer relationships harder.

Thanks to Robin Dunbar, it's known that 150 is a magic number of the limit of relationships an average person can maintain. I really think there should exist a tool to easily see and maintain the relationships that you care about, and be able to reach this magic number. To create a PoC I just need a very simple offline app that can get some contacts from my contact list, put them on a screen, and have a cool UI that has leads to real human interaction. Let's create an app, and call it Dunbar


I care about my friends, but FB, other Social Media, and contact apps make it hard to really maintain my relationships. I want to decide who I care about, and not let the algorithms decide who I get information about (e.g. on the FB Timeline). I want to do more meaningful activities with my friends, rather than using flat communication platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and SnapChat. I want fewer, but stronger friendships.

How does Dunbar work?

  • Choose your inner circle (±5), second circle (±25) and outer circle (±100)
  • Get one simple overview
  • Easily talk (call / whatsapp ) everyone from this overview
  • Add potential activities
  • Easily invite multiple friends for an activity



Value Propositions

I think this is the strongest and coolest one:

  • What's the Quality of your Relationships? Raise the bar: Dunbar.

One of these may be added to that:

  • Personal CRM for VIPs
  • Personal CRM for Entrepreneurs
  • CRM for your friends

Other possibile Value Proposition One-Liners (for ads and the landing page)

  • Take charge of your relationships
  • Stay in control of your relationships
  • Companion Relation Management (CRM2.0) for Entrepreneurs
  • Contacts App with Superpowers!

Some reading material on why I created this app:

TL;DR? Here is a summary:

No Machine Learning, but Personal Choice. Content of your network/contacts at Dunbar isn't driven by a screentime-optimized machine learning model like on Facebook and other Social Media. On Dunbar, it also isn't driven by the amount of content your network post about themselves. On Dunbar, you are in control of your relationships, and you decide who you want to keep in touch with. How often? Why? How? You can create your own, personal, private overview, and this will greatly benefit your relationships in the long term.

Social networks are making us unhappy, stressed, and increase anxiety.

Social networks sparisify your relations

Social networks increase text communication, which decreases time and incentive for real interaction

How much % of communication is language? Let's say 20%. This means using too much flat communication (text messaging, email, low quality information timelines) makes us less productive communicators.How much % of your time communicating with people is this over email, text, social media (flat communication)? A lot. How much % of your conversations are over text? A lot. To become more productive, we should lower our amount of flat communication usage.

What's the goal now?

  • Let early adopters try the app, get feedback, improve and find the right target audience
  • Create an MVP that people want
  • Find a great value proposition & advertise the BETA
  • Get ±100 daily active users that can also invite others (to also estimate the viral growth factor)
  • Make an estimation of CAC and CLV
  • Read the book 'The Mom Test' and practice this IRL to see what people think about this

Wanna try? Install the BETA

I would be very happy to receive your feedback!

  • iOS (Click and install TestFlight, then click again)
  • Android

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