EAT CODE KITE REPEAT is the new community I'm setting up, which is aimed at finding and connecting software developers and entrepreneurs with a vision that have a passion for kitesurfing.

As of September 2017, I have started a homebase for this community in Tarifa España called the 'Nomad Incubator Tarifa'.

The first few days I went exploring all facets of the village: the nightlife, the beaches, the mountains nearby... There is a lot to do here!

Also, I researched what type of board to buy, bought a mountainbike, and researched the kitesurf conditions.

From next week I will have an apartment from which I will be able to quickly go to the kite spot (especially for poniente-days) and focus on work.

From next week, I will try to get into a regular rhythm: I call it the EAT CODE KITE REPEAT Rhythm. I also made a Facebook group for people that like to adopt this lifestyle: Click here.

My lifestyle looks roughly like the following:

  • [EAT] Wake up 8AM. Do some exercises, listen to Spanish Audio Course, have coffee & breakfast and take a shower.
  • [CODE] Start working at 9AM. Code in 2-hour sessions until 3PM. Lunch has to be quick and should barely take any time.
  • [KITE] Go kiting for a few hours and chill a little on the beach. Have dinner after a good session!
  • [REPEAT] Look back on the day, plan the next day and go to bed early in order to wake up stoked the next day.

I will keep everyone up to date using this blogpost! Until now, I think Tarifa is an amazing place!