Unless you can travel faster than light, I can't find a better goal for humanity to strive for. In my opinion the purpose of life is to live which means to exist and procreate. To multiply, and remain.

In a competitive universe, which we arguably live in, in the end, the intelligence that does so as efficiently as possible wins.

I think the right direction for us, is to start the evolution revolution. Once we have managed to do so on earth, we can focus on expanding to other planets. The right direction becomes all directions. We can use all earth's resources to travel to all directions as fast as possible (the speed of light).

After having done that, it is not necessary for us to expand anymore, because we have expanded in all directions already. It is therefore impossible to expand. It is then probably the best to preserve what we have built on earth. We have to protect ourselves from future alien civilisations that we didn't encounter yet.

How to protect yourself from something you don't know? Probably it's best to keep gaining knowledge about possibilities and minimise risk of these possibilities impacting us in a bad way.