I've tried many times and many things to spend less time on my smartphone. However, whatever I tried, after a while I always got back to my smartphone. In the last month, on average, I spent around 5 hours a day on my smartphone. Which is a lot of time! It's about a third of my time that I'm awake that I'm checking my mail, scrolling Insta, TikTok, or Facebook, and replying on WhatsApp.

The hypothesis this time is that I spend so much time because your phone is always right beside you, giving you an opportunity to start scrolling whenever you feel a bit bored. This makes it so much easier to waste time on your phone compared to on your computer.

Also, on your computer, you got more screen real-estate, and you can type faster, so you're more productive. So what if I could spend all the time I spend on my phone (or part of it) on my laptop?

I eliminated the need for my phone! All things that I can do on my phone, I can also do on my Mac now! Calling, WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, everything. Of course, it is a bit more uncomfortable sometimes, but that doesn't matter. If it's less convenient, I may not get into the habit of doing it while dreaming. The habit of 'dreamscrolling' will be eliminated!

Whenever I go out and meet up with someone and need my phone, I do take it with me, so the need for my phone is not completely eliminated, but for whenever I'm home - which is like 95% of the time - it is.

Let's see where this experiment leads me. I will show you RescueTime reports in a month! I'm always on a mission to become more productive and conscious of my time and how I spend it. Do you want to learn what I learn? Subscribe.