Hire me

I'm available for contracting work 24 hours a week. My hourly rate is €85,- an hour. This price also includes usage of reusable components I've made and aquired in the past few years, to a certain degree. The first 48 hours are 50% cheaper so you can get to know me and be sure you like my skillset and working habits.

I'm especially seeking projects with a functionality comparable to Communify (social network capabilities). For these projects, I am looking to negotiate a fixed intial price + maintenance price + hourly rate for adding features + shares in the company.

When we initiate a collaboration, I'm fully commited to your project and its success. Together with my agile working habits and strong opinion of keeping implementation simple and elegant, development of the app will be at least 2-5x faster.

I am located in Amsterdam. If that's too far from you, I can work remotely.

Interested? Let me know using the blue button in the corner.

Need more info?

Some apps I've made

I have complete ownership of the code of these apps, so I'm able to use it and it's reusable fashion to build your app 2-5x faster


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