A few simple new rules are going to make me much more productive.

  1. Chrome max 3 tabs
  2. No other browsers allowed
  3. Freedom.to locked mode: No news, no communication, no notekeeping, no bank, nothing. Just the sites I use for work can be accessed: NPM, GitHub, Docs, Medium...
  4. Install mail & slack on phone
  5. At home, give phone to my housemate (call him or ask him to unlock). Ask him max 10-60 minutes a day and maybe not at all.
  6. Use test phones (old iPhone and old Android phone) for developing.
  7. Codebase first development


In April, I spent less than one hour per day in the code editor on average. This is a record low. Time for change.


In May, my daily average goal is 10 hours (70 hours a week).

I know this can be done. I'm gonna show it to you.