I forget things. I read things multiple times without seeing the connection. I went to Tarifa 3 years ago, but I forgot most bars/cafe's I went to. It will happen again if I don't safe it somewhere! Because of fractured attention and stress, we are beoming more forgetful. What if there was a google for your mind. A  platform that helps you connect the dots, learn more about yourself, and helps you become a better thinker?

What if there was a platform that lets you save all your opinions and reviews of things you ever did/watched/read/have an opinion about in one place. Safe articles, books, movies, music, places, pictures, your diary, and your goals into one app.

I might make this. Does this interest you? Let me know.

UPDATE: I started building this.


- People forget and are unable to access many memories because there is no link to it.


- MindMirror is the mirror to clearly see into your mind.

- Better remind your past

- Learn about yourself: know thyself

- Intelligently analyze your experiences so you can connect the dots

- Share your life with others that are close to you


- Intelligently add tags to entries

- Be able to search through locations, tags, dates.