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The MVV: Minimum Viable Virus - 10 Things you need to create a Viral App

  1. Requirements
  2. Possible techniques
  3. Design (structure, techniques)

Hey there! Welcome to this tutorial on how to create viral apps. In the past year I’ve read many articles and books on Virality, and I’ve come a long way already to creating my own app. In this series I will discuss the requirements to creating a viral app and possible implementation techniques.

In the first part, I will discuss the requirements needed for a viral app.

In the second part, I will elaborate on possible techniques and give my personal preference.

In the third part, I will propose a design of a theoretical MVV.


  • Theoretically, what’s a good virus? Good ways of travel (touch, airborne, digital), multiply time, long lifespan. How does this translate to a viral app?

  • Know your channels of reaching leads / potential users:

    • Ambassadors
    • Other users
    • Getting featured in the stores
    • Getting featured on the news
    • Have a good launch
  • Making the virus airborne: Increasing possibility that others know about the app by mouth to mouth:

    • Physical movements in busy environments: making it stand out of the usual
    • Remarkable ideas that will be shared
    • Creating incentive of sharing with friends by giving rewards
  • Ways to make sharing easier:

    • Social login,
    • Sharing functionality
  • User retention:

    • notifications
    • emails
    • rewards,
    • creating FOMO
  • Creating habits

  • Creating value: If your app isn’t useful, and doesn’t bring any added value to a users life, the user will find something else

  • Creating quality: If your app just doesn’t feel like a high-quality app, people will find something else.

  • Gamification; positive and negative ways

TODO: Elaborate on all points.

The MVV: Minimum Viable Virus - 10 Things you need to create a Viral App
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