PoC within a week

My expertise is creating a proof of concept of any app idea in within a week. I've done this multiple times, see an example here. This will cost €8000,- (or a share in your startup, if I like the idea and team).

What will you get for €8000,-?

  • Together, we work out PoC Specification that can be built within a week (±6 hours)
  • I pick pieces of all other apps I ever worked on or created together to puzzle together a rough start for this app
  • Together with a small team of programmers, I work out the app and create a first version of the app that works and can be used.
  • The app will be thoroughly tested on all types of phones, small and big, new and old, iOS and Android.
  • A designer will be hired to create a logo and other assets.
  • The app will be published to the Android Play Store and iOS App Store (And, if you want, it will be released publicly. If you don't want this, it will stay in BETA for people you can invite yourself)
  • Extensive documentation and instructions are given for your next developer to continue working on this codebase without any technical debt.
  • The whole app is future proof. It's written in simple, elegant, readable React Native, Node JS, and SQL in an efficient and scalable way.

Sometimes, I can't finish a working app within a week, while I promised this on the first day. Whenever this happens, I'll continue working on it until it's done, without extra costs for you.

Sometimes, a PoC can't be made within a week. For example, if it needs a complex backend, machine learning, or other things. But on the first day, we can work it out and see if it's possible. If it's not possible, I can still work on an app for you, but it might cost a little more.

Sometimes, the review process of Apple gives the release of the app a small delay. Most of the times, it can be published within a few working days, but I've had it taking a few weeks. This extra time doesn't count into the costs.

Contact me using the blue button in the down-right corner. We can schedule a skype call or meeting, and talk about your idea and situation.

PoC within a week
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