Reusable components

This is an incomplete list of all private reusable components I can use to work on your app, in order to speed up development 2-5x:

  • react-native-data-forms: By seperating content from the data flow and component itself, this library creates forms that can process data and save it to a local or backend storage (REST, Redux Persist, Realm, Apollo GraphQL, or anything).
  • Camera, photo roll image selection, Image upload
  • Authentication with Facebook, Google, Linkedin
  • Members-list
  • Powerful image caching for offline-first capabilities
  • Chat channels and chat (of high performance)
  • GraphQL-define: If I also get control over the backend of the application, I will create a model for your apps data that will create a scheme definition, queries, and database from one declaration file. This saves thousand lines of code and dozens of mistakes made, because there is just one single source of truth.

There's much, much more... If you want, you can ask me to give a demonstration.

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