In the beginning of this year, I've been online a lot. My average of january 2019 was a whopping 9 hours a day of screentime. All things I did required me to be on my phone and laptop all the time. I didn't sleep well and felt stressed a lot. But then I read the book Digital Minimalism. It helped me a lot. Three months later, it's time for a small comparison.

I use to block distractions, and screentime to track the categories I spend time on. Really helps.

Besides that, I’ve been using a A5 notebook which I keep in my pocket, instead of a phone in the past month, together with a dumbphone. I can’t be happier, I sleep way better and it reduced my stress a lot.

Last but not least, I’ve been buying real books lately instead of podcasts, audiobooks and eBooks. Why? Because they end up lying around, and it’s just something way easier to see and pick up after you forgot about it. I’m planning to get all books I want to read physically and have a whole bookcase. It’s also great when friends visit and I can show them my books.

Now there are days I just spend 5 hours on a screen, it’s wonderful. Average of April is just 6 hours!!!