I have a vision of a good future where biology (plants and animals), humanity and technology live together in harmony on earth. I call it the ultimate equilibrium. In this post I will describe how it looks and how we could get there.

I see a world where animals and plants serve humanity instead of being so hostile and selfish. Trees that grow into houses and animals that fetch and cook our food. We humans are then free to focus on more important issues, like exploring space, solving the climate problem, and becoming happy, satisfied, and sustainable, preserving the earth and our current civilisation.

How the hell are we going to do that? Well, the answer lies in the evolution revolution. We are already able to alter DNA. In the beginning, there was just evolution that altered DNA. Later came the breeding of animals and plants by humans. This, however, still relied on evolution and took a long time. Since recently, it's possible to edit DNA with CRISPR. We don't know however, how these alterations unfold in the real world. However, more recently, AlphaFold has given us the ability to understand how proteins fold. This is a step closer to the goal of understanding  how biology works, and ultimately, how we can edit DNA in a meaningful way. Because if we can do that reliably and without causing too much pain in animals and plants we do it on, we are literally in control of biology and how it will evolve. This is the evolution revolution.

When we are able to do this, we can create non-selfish animals and plants: trees that grow into a house instead of growing in a way to catch as much photosynthesis as possible, and animals that serve us whatever we like to eat.

We are then completely free. We don't need to build our homes anymore because they are automatically grown. We don't need to find food because animals bring it to us. We can focus our intelligence towards a greater goal. Expanding into the universe and preserving earth in a condition that suits the human species to survive for a very, very long time.

In a next post I will elaborate on the types of animals and plants that would be useful for humanity: transportation animals, intelligent trees, farmers and foragers, and more. Stay tuned.