Hacking is getting easier.

Developments in AI provided tools for face and voice replication like never before.
Many tools we use nowadays don't have a strong verification to certify it's really you that's acting. Emails and phone numbers, for one, are easy to be replicated. As a malicious user, I can send content from any phone number or email I want. Even calls.

In a few years, when these tools have grown up, they could be indistinguishable from your real friends.

What happens when you receive a call from your best friend who says, in a panic, that he's in need. That his daughter has been hit by a car and is in the hospital but she isn't insured. He asks you for €4.000 euro, otherwise they won't operate and she'll die.

What would you do?


To counteract this, the tools we use will have to become safer. No more email. No more calling with your old school phone number. All things where you act and have to be trusted online, will have to be through verified platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Your friend in the example above? you may pay him instantly. But what you'll have to do, is ask him if he'll ask you again via a Facebook call first. To verify.

Verification of sources will become very important on the internet...