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Wouldn’t it be awesome to live like this forever? That’s what more backpackers definitely will have thought before. Only to notice later that it’ll not be possible to continue like this because of issues standing in the way: money, friends and family at home, settling down, etcetera. This is all good and this is why 99% of backpackers only choose this life for a short period, extending it not further than their twenties.
Still I am not convinced of this viewpoint because I think a life like this – a TravelLife – Will be possible if I choose to, and it will be nice.
What if you worked while traveling, building a network of friends and family globally instead of locally?
What if there was a social network connecting travelbuddies to the best hostels, on a new social network?
The Travel Life Movement will be a business to lots of projects that will integrate traveling with working and studying. This will make choosing a Travel Life lifestyle more approachable and easily accessible for growing groups of people.

The website has been launched: have a look at Travel Life Movement
A lot has to be done, but it's a start.

Travel Life
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